HQ Development update


As you may have seen on display in the kitchen, we are embarking on a redevelopment of our HQ. We plan to progress in three phases over the next few years.
We are starting our first work during the Easter holidays when we are stripping out are refurbishing the bathrooms. We are also turning the current kitchen door into a fire door in order to increase privacy for the girls change room and converting the leaders room into the new entrance hall. We will build benches in the girl’s change room and hooks for hanging bags and towels

We hope to have the bathrooms back in operation as soon as possible, however our sections will probably only start back at the hall in the week after schools return.

Community Litter Pick 2017

Thanks to all the Viking Volunteers who came along to the litter pick today. Good to be making a difference in our local community. Complementary coffees in McDonald’s afterwards. We had a lovely comment about the children’s behaviour too

Bosun’s crew

Bosuns crew

I have setup a doodle poll for a series of Monday evenings between now and the summer. I am suggesting between 8pm and 10pm as that should give the opportunity to get kids to bed etc, but if you would prefer a different time, just let me know. Monday is the only night where we don’t have a section meeting, however we could possibly do Wednesday evening after beavers too if that suits better.

The first evening is Monday 30th November and during this evening, depending on how many people we get, I would like to look at doing some maintenance on the rowing boats including sanding down and (perhaps) varnishing some of the wooden trim and a few oars. There are a few other jobs we could tackle as well if we have a good turnout.

Please visit http://doodle.com/poll/mhri7nebgi68dqp9 and let us know if you can help. No prior experience is required and full training on sanding can be given so I hope you will support us.