Bosun’s crew

Bosuns crew

I have setup a doodle poll for a series of Monday evenings between now and the summer. I am suggesting between 8pm and 10pm as that should give the opportunity to get kids to bed etc, but if you would prefer a different time, just let me know. Monday is the only night where we don’t have a section meeting, however we could possibly do Wednesday evening after beavers too if that suits better.

The first evening is Monday 30th November and during this evening, depending on how many people we get, I would like to look at doing some maintenance on the rowing boats including sanding down and (perhaps) varnishing some of the wooden trim and a few oars. There are a few other jobs we could tackle as well if we have a good turnout.

Please visit and let us know if you can help. No prior experience is required and full training on sanding can be given so I hope you will support us.





Reminder that there will be no Scout meeting on Friday 6th November because of our annual Fireworks extravaganza! Have you got your tickets yet?

Cubs Autumn Term

Hi All and welcome back to the Autumn term.

Well, we have certainly started off with a bang ! The cub camp with 4th Weybridge was a roaring success and we have a lot of happy, but very tired cubs coming home on Sunday. Thanks to all the instructors and adults who made it possible.

We have a busy term ahead of us. Although the water sports season is mostly behind us, we have a new initiative “a million hands” which we will be taking part in. This initiative will let our young people investigate and support a social issue within the community. More on this later in the term.

We have our AGM coming up at the end of September. Our exec have done a great job during the year, but they have been working very much on their own. We really need people to put themselves forward and offer to help if we are to improve our facilities and do more for the children. Even if you can offer to help run one event during the year, that will be a big help.

On the 17th and 18th October, we have JOTI. Although we will not be doing a camp this year, we will still be running JOTI from our HQ over that weekend. Now that we have an oven and nice kitchen, we may even get some other activities going. Any suggestions?

Our Fireworks night is on Friday 6th November at our HQ. Please come along and bring your friends. you wont get better bang for your buck (literally). We have a BBQ and a bar and hopefully we wont run out of sparklers this year. Our scouts also generally try to burn through concrete with a great bonfire so come along and join in the fun !

Our Remembrance Day Parade is on the Sunday, 8th November at the war memorial in Walton. We ask that all the cubs are present and neatly dressed for the parade.

The end of November usually sees us escorting our Viking longboat-shaped canoe around Walton during the Festival of Lights. I don’t have the dates yet, but it is usually a very pleasant evening.

We will be finishing 2015 on the 8th December. We hope to be able to go skiing at Sandown.